Hiding math behind birthdays has always been my focus but 17 years ago the characters were a lot different. One-a-Roo Sue, Sabre-twooth Ruth and Six-po Joe were a One-a-dile, Two-a-dactyl, and six-a-saurus. After a couple, three years of playing with the poems, I stuck them in the bottom drawer, I guess kinda frustrated they would never help/entertain Kiddos. Some weeks later, my oldest asked me, “Dad, what happened to those rhymes you told me?” …”What rhymes?”… “the one that went…

 Birthday seven times six forty two. Kitty went potty in daddy’s shoe
 Birthday eight times six forty eight. Dad put kitty in a plastic crate!
 Birthday nine times six fifty four. Dad gave kitty to the lady next door.”

That’s all the inspiration I needed and I have never looked back!

Much obliged for your support,


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