Home-School Resources: Books to Introduce and Teach Counting

I’m thrilled to see such a glowing recommendation for my work!  Mother Earth News recently posted a great article for parents who are home schooling their kids and how the Mathamanimals books can work in their teaching curriculum.

The Crazy Birthday Candle Jungle book series by Mark Schmidt is a clever way to introduce and teach counting to children. The series has a book for each basic number and uses clever rhymes, fun language and colorful illustrations to keep children engaged. I would use this book when working with children just beginning to start counting as a read-aloud book and/or as a way to integrate language arts into the math curriculum. Further, the card games allow the children to continue to develop their math skills without realizing that they are completing work.

Read the whole article on their website, and thanks so much to Mother Earth News for the support!

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