FROM DAYS…to hours!!!

Only 45 hours left! All we need to do is sale 6 or 7 more sets of Jungle fun and we are there.

Enjoy your weekend but please work in a few minutes of begging for our  mutual cause.

With Kickstarter, it is all or nothing, and we are way to close to settle for nothing.

And by the way,,,I HATE TYPING…so don’t make me beg much longer!

Much obliged,


SUNDAY JULY 14th @ 5:10EDT…

Kickstarter goes down to the last minute, so please keep getting out the word. We are 81% there and just a few days to finish it off. Thanks again for all your help, folks! If we can reach our goal, I am going to order ‘Flashcakes’ from Mainline Printing here in Topeka. I got the quote today and it looks workable. Not as low as the China bid, but keeping it local is very important to me.

If you want to see the virtual ‘Flashcakes’, check them out on

Much obliged



Thanks to the new backers that keep inching this project towards our goal. There is an article in the Capital Journal today and I will be on the Early News on Monday @ 4:00 on WIBW with Ralph Hipp. That should help and please keep spreading the word.

8 more days…

Thanks again!


Just thought I would let you folks know that the Topeka Capital Journal came by and there will be a story in the paper next Sunday (or maybe Monday…8th). That should help get this thing over the hump.



I am starting to see names on the backer list that I do not Know, and that is a very good feeling. Thank you so much for believing in this project to keep Kiddos from being scared of Math. Here is a comment card from a little gal who was in the sixth grade by the time I finally had a sloppy copy of the last book, Ten-ti-pede Pete, for her to read during my trial run a few years ago with many Kiddos. Their feedback about each book was very encouraging,                     (Keep spreading the word!)


Hiding math behind birthdays has always been my focus but 17 years ago the characters were a lot different. One-a-Roo Sue, Sabre-twooth Ruth and Six-po Joe were a One-a-dile, Two-a-dactyl, and six-a-saurus. After a couple, three years of playing with the poems, I stuck them in the bottom drawer, I guess kinda frustrated they would never help/entertain Kiddos. Some weeks later, my oldest asked me, “Dad, what happened to those rhymes you told me?” …”What rhymes?”… “the one that went…

 Birthday seven times six forty two. Kitty went potty in daddy’s shoe
 Birthday eight times six forty eight. Dad put kitty in a plastic crate!
 Birthday nine times six fifty four. Dad gave kitty to the lady next door.”

That’s all the inspiration I needed and I have never looked back!

Much obliged for your support,



I can’t thank you folks enough for your generous support. As you probably know, the first book is just a click away on this project’s page. If we can hit our goal early, I should be able to put up a second book for you to enjoy before the postman arrives. In the meantime, I will see if Eric(the man that brought these characters to life) can post the back cover poems on here and/or on the facebook page. That would give you a rhyming summary of what to expect, if we are successful. (send me a message if you have a preference for the next ‘virtual’ copy posted!)

So please keep blasting this out every direction you can.

Simply…I am very much obliged for your support!!!!!!

It has taken 17 years to get my passion this far, so you would naturally think a 33 day Kickstarter project would be no problem, huh? All I can say is that, at this point…

33 > 17! 

Thanks again for such a wonderful showing of support! Please keep getting the word out

in every direction you can think of.


Our Kickstarter is Live!

Our Kickstarter is Live!

Please head over to our Kickstarter page and consider backing the project.  I’m thrilled to be able to get the support to bring these books to the classroom, daycare facilities and homes and found that Kickstarter is the best way to raise funds to launch this unique set of books.

Thanks so much for your consideration on being a backer for my program – and even if you don’t choose to back it, please spread the word to your social network so we can make this happen!